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Which wine should you drink with dinner tonight? What is the best wine to give as a gift to a host? And just how do you find the best value on the wine list? These questions and more are answered in this introductory wine course.

One of the most illustrative examples of the winemaking is blending , that is the mixing of wine material in order to obtain a result that, the authors believe, is a reflection of the standard conception of harmony and beauty.

Did you know that grapes ripen several times? The first degree of maturity - is when it is ready for the production of cognac. Then he ripen until it is ready to become a sparkling wine.

Each person has a rough idea of how the wine is produced. Someone draws on the imagination barefoot peasants treading grapes, diligently turning the grapes into a noble beverage.

During their production we use true Georgian grapes Aleksandrouli, Mtsvane Saperavi etс., that prefer the soil of Georgia. Оn its indigenous homeland grape acquires the unique richness of flavors, fruit aromas and colors that are so prized in Georgian wines.

In manufacture we use the grapes from the best plots of the terroir. When creating white and red young wines, maceration technology is used, when the processes of accumulation of aromatic substances are carried out within the entire grape.

The wine is born in the vineyard. With grape bushes are held many operations of its formation, but the most interesting and important step is "programming" (trimming) the bush for the next harvest.

Fermentation - is that magic of turning grape juice into wine. This process occurs due to wine yeast. We use specially grown yeast, because yeast give the right result that can be expected.