Our wines

In all the activities and undertakings of the company - respect for the wine, the desire to promote the high standards of consumption of noble drinks.

The company creates fine drinks of the highest quality. In terms of quality we do not compromise - respect the tradition of wine-making, use the most modern technology. Thanks to that our wines embody the best natural properties of grapes and preserve taste and aroma of freshly picked grapes, their bright varietal characteristics. Winemaking is an art, it is a sacrament, and the wine of our company for the excellent range of wines and fidelity to classical traditions is especially unique. Our winemakers and technicians collect the highest quality grapes and produce wine from it by the classical technology of winemaking.

Tasting room

Come taste and purchase our wines at our tasting room on campus

When you drink wine, it would be unforgivable to overlook the diversity of all the subtleties of wine. The wine is full of nuances and its consumption includes an assessment of everything that has invested in the wine nature and the winemaker. Wine - is not just a drink, it is real artwork. The world of wine is beautiful and mysterious, full of legends, nobility and the sacraments, so easily attracts sophisticated people.

An incredible amount of vintage wines is stored in a huge cellar of our company.You have a unique opportunity to purchase any wine from our collection and taste it.

Purchase wines


A sparkling wine

$ 21.00

Dry wine

Without added sugar

$ 24.00

Semi-dry wine

Harmonious taste

$ 17.00

Semi-sweet wine

Light taste

$ 22.00

Dessert wine

Kind of fortified wines

$ 31.00

Strong wine


$ 19.00

Maison Bouey Lettres

Chardonnay Pays d'Oc

$ 17.00

Maison Bouey Lettres

de France Blanc Moelleux

$ 21.00

Maison Bouey Lettres

de France Rouge Moelleux

$ 17.00

Champagne Lanson

Rose Label


$ 17.00

Maison Louis Latour

Bourgogne Chardonnay

$ 13.00

Maison Bouey –°hateau

Haut-Boilon Cotes de Blaye

$ 19.00